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11 Tuesdays 'til Election: An A-List Campaign Media Strategist Critiques the Dem's Weird Convention

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The Democratic Party and Joe Biden's campaign team made history last night, as they produced Opening Night of the world's first all-virtual political convention.

The two-hour presentation combined a few awkward elements, which at times resembled a Jerry Lewis telethon, with many fast-moving, high-impact segments, using techniques of political messaging and some star-power living room speechifying ad-making in the effort to transform and adapt the traditional trappings of a party convention to the harsh, social distancing realities of the pandemic Zoom era.

Eleven Tuesdays before the Nov. 3 -- that's 77 days for those keeping score at home -- Newsmakers checked in with Bill Carrick, one of the most venerable and widely-respected media strategists in the business, to get a professional take on how the video and political stage craft did and didn't work.

A native of South Carolina, Carrick made his bones as a Washington aide to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, proceeding in the four decades that followed to become one of the nation's top political communications virtuosos. Long ago settled in California, he works as the longtime chief strategist to Senator Dianne Feinstein and a top adviser to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, among many other clients.

In a conversation with Jerry, Bill talks about the ways and means that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Biden's team used in assembling and communicating his message on the first night of the campaign; offers his take on the highlights of the evening, from Michelle Obama's headliner speech to a powerful two-minute video featuring a young Arizona woman who blames Donald Trump for the death of her father; and provides expert analysis and forecast of the presidential campaign.

It's all here right now on Newsmakers TV.


Image: Bill Carrick (KCRW).

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