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TV Elxn Post Mortem: Nick, Josh, Laura & Dale

Newsmakers TV is back with a special election post-mortem show, as Nick Welsh and Josh Molina dissect the local campaigns they covered while Laura Capps and Dale Francisco provide well-informed perspective from both sides of the political spectrum

From Marsha Croninger’s smashing re-election victory, the unexpected 1-2 finish of Kate Ford and Rose Munoz in the school board campaign, the crucial behind-the-scenes role played by Kristen Sneddon in both and Salud’s walkover win over Justin (How Can We Miss You if You Won’t Go Away) Fareed to the Democratic takeover of the House, the Goleta mayor's race, the Birnam Wood Boys’ clean sweep of the Montecito election, Prop. 6, 7 (WTF did HBJ oppose PDT?) and 10, plus Measures B, C, G (both of them) and H, the gang not only looks back at the results but also ahead for they’ll mean in coming months and years.

It’s all right here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

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