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New TV: All the SB Local News that Fits

Laura Capps, Tyler Hayden, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh are on the panel for a round-the-horn roundup and analysis of a busy week in Santa Barbara news.

Laura leads off with an insider look at some of the controversies that have emerged in recent weeks at the Santa Barbara school board, including the district administration’s failed bid to spike the GATE program at Washington Elementary, and a head-scratching divided vote on Capps’ effort to hire a sustainability officer to improve environmental standards and lower energy costs in the schools.

Then Tyler takes a look at the big jobs-vs.-environment fight over ExxonMobil’s application for a new permit to transport offshore oil from platforms that have been shut down since the Refugio pipeline spill, which finds the three liberal Democrats on the Board of Supervisors stuck between two favored constituencies.

Josh offers his take on the surprise take-it-or-leave-it offer by the families that own the now-empty Sears site at La Cumbre shopping center, to make the property available for development of 550 units of rental housing – but only if the city acts now.

Nick bats cleanup with a look at City Hall’s latest attempt to reboot homeless policy, which comes at a time when complaints about homeless people in the parks are increasing – paradoxically as the latest survey shows the number of those living on the streets is declining.

Plus: Three panelists take total cheap shots at the host, who courageously withstands their withering fire, It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

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