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Panel: How Dem Bid to Boot a Conservative off the Ballot May Backfire; Keyless Hotel, SBUSD, SBPD

A failed legal bid to block conservative Christy Lozano from running for county Superintendent of Schools may actually end up helping the anti-vax teacher in her challenge to incumbent Susan Salcido.

That’s Josh Molina’s takeaway from a Superior Court judge’s ruling this week, which rejected a lawsuit filed by prominent Democratic political consultant Mollie Culver, seeking to strike Lozano’s name from the ballot because she currently lacks the final credential authorizing her to be a school administrator.

Lozano’s legal victory was Topic A among Santa Barbara political insiders in recent days and the Independent’s Nick Welsh and Jun Starkey join Josh and the genial host in sorting through the campaign implications on this week’s edition of Newsmakers TV.

Also on the table: the dispute over a 33-room “keyless” hotel that zipped through city approvals despite objections by senior citizens who live nearby; the Santa Barbara Unified School District’s scramble to fund a new, transitional kindergarten program for four-year olds now mandated by state government; and Acting Police Chief Barney Melekian weighs in with strong opinions in the battle over a proposed citizen review panel for the SBPD.

Plus: a big makeover for the main public library, fresh gossip in the SDBUSD election and a message from former Mayor Sheila Lodge about a bold new design for the State Street underpass.

If it’s Friday, it’s Newsmakers TV – all here, right now.


Check out the show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link.

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