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Panel: SB Electeds, Health Experts, Schools and Business Struggle with Mixed Messages on Pandemic

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV.

Four months into the transformation of everyday life triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Santa Barbara elected leaders, public health authorities, school administrators and business owners face a confusing, confounding and constantly shifting miasma of mixed messaging from the federal and state governments - and our panel of top local journalists breaks down how the community is trying to cope with the fallout from a proliferating disease that increasingly is being politicized.

Delaney Smith and Josh Molina join Jerry for a beat-by-beat look at local efforts to struggle and survive, from the Board of Supervisors and Public Health Department trying to keep up with state policies that seemingly change hourly, to public school districts and small business owners striving to restore a sense of normalcy to economic and social conditions that are anything but normal.

Along the way, the gang also looks ahead to the next big decision facing City Council after the Black Lives Matter protests, discusses the impacts of that explosive Grand Jury report on cannabis and runs through all the latest local political gossip.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV...and the podcast version is here.


Image: Life in Quarantine (YouTube).

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