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Panel: WTF -- $780K for Another State Street Consultant?!? Plus: Funk Zone, Modoc, Diablo Conflicts

In a special Viva La Fiesta Tres Amigos episode of Newsmakers TV, Nick Welsh, Josh Molina and the genial host take a deep dive into the SB City Council's approval of a $780,000 consultant contract to help plan the future of State Street.

With renowned planning guru Dave Davis, leader of the (all rise) State Street Advisory Committee, channeling Pearl Chase in advocating a visionary approach to the group's mission, there was no way council members were going to say 'no' to a measly three-quarters of a million in taxpayer kale.

Only Mayor Randy Rowse, the only one around City Hall who seems to glean they're spending Other People's Money, spoke up for those footing the bill, but his bid to put in place an interim plan for State Street, before the Lodestar for the Ages rolls out in, oh say, two or three decades or so, went nowhere, and Hizzoner finally went along with the Spendthrift Six.

The fellas also break down several of the city's other simmering land use disputes, with the latest on that 155-unit blockbuster project proposed for the Funk Zone, and the cyclists vs. neighbors discord over plans to axe dozens of trees along Modoc Road to make way for an expanded, and safer, bike lane.

Plus: young enviros face off against old enviros in a battle over recommissioning the Central Coast's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant; one of the city's more popular locally-owned restaurants relocates in the face of a rent increase to $21,000 a month (!!) by the Florida-based landlord of Five Points; SB pharmacies withhold Covid-treating Paxlovid from patients without a prescription, just because they can, apparently - and the Angry Poodle explains why our Mega-drought has gone Giga, amid warnings of "Climate Endgame" and the utter, um, Extinction of Humankind..

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

Check out the new show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.


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