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The Story of the U.S. Capitol Insurrection in 15 Tweets

Like 9/11 and Dec. 7, 1941, January 6 2021 already has entered the American lexicon as an iconic date packed with historic important and political resonance that long will be remembered in the narrative of the nation.

The insurrection by the mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol, invited and egged on by the 45th President, no doubt will be the subject of countless books, documentaries and other academic and media productions for years to come.

As journalists, scholars and political historians begin to pull at the many threads of the event -- the failure of law enforcement, the role of white supremacists, the power of social media, the delusions of the Trump cult, the personal culpability of the awful man himself -- one of the best real-time records of the event will be Twitter, the online obsession of so many in the Beltway axis.

Over the past two days, Newsmakers occasionally would glance away from the TV screen to check our feed, and in so doing, compiled a brief collection of 240-character gems (starting with the image above, by New Yorker cartoonist Dave Ostow) reflecting important aspects of the astonishing event.

Best bottom line.

All the best people.

Top historical limerick.

All the best people II.

Grace Under Pressure.

Guess he had his eyes closed at all those rallies.

All the best people III.


Trenchant analysis.

Too little, too late.

Best Day After Take

Domestic affairs.

Best Day After Take by a Santa Barbaran

True that.


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