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Mayor's Race Update - Bendy's On the Air

Bendy White is up with a new, 30-second spot that positions him as the historic heir to Santa Barbara’s environmental stewardship, a tactical challenge to the early advertising strategy of mayoral rival Angel Martinez.

“I grew up in Santa Barbara,” White says to start the ad, speaking over a sepia-toned newspaper clipping that pictures five-year Bendy celebrating a long-ago Fiesta in sombrero and poncho.

“I'm on TV, have been on KSBY since Monday, starting KEYT today, cable tomorrow,” Bendy told Newsmakers.

As a political matter, White’s early TV move is significant, not only in answering the ad barrage of the Martinez campaign, but also in allaying questions that had been raised about Bendy's ability to compete financially in the five-person race.

Both Martinez, the wealthy former CEO of Deckers, who is partly self-funding, and fellow council member Cathy Murillo, who has been raising money for nearly a year, aided by the early endorsement of the local Democratic Party, last month reported having raised more than $100,000 for the race.

White, who waited until the last minute to get in, reported only $7,200, left from his previous council race four years ago.

“Fundraising is going exceedingly well,” he said Wednesday, via email. “I'll let you wait until the next report is due (Sept. 28) for the total, but I'm sure it will show me competitive with Cathy and Angel.”

The ad was produced by the talented Brent Sumner of Studio 8.

Among the cameos are Mayor Helene Schneider; council member and ally Jason Dominguez (one keen observer had two sightings); the desal plant (multiple perspectives); the Courthouse Spirit of the Ocean Fountain, plus multiple beauty shots of the waterfront, the park at Veronica Meadows and Bendy's wife and grandkids.

Ex-mayor Hal Conklin and council member Frank Hotchkiss also are running.

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