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New Show Posted: Dale, Josh, Kelsey & Nick

Ex-councilman Dale Francisco enlivens the latest episode of "Newsmakers," featuring local journalists Kelsey Brugger, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh, bringing his conservative perspective and insights to a spirited discussion and analysis of local politics - and pot.

Dale peppers the conversation, as Nick recounts the impressions of the mayoral candidates he gleaned from his perch as a grand inquisitor on the stage for the Indy/KCRW debate; Josh reports the latest on the increasingly aggressive campaign for council in the 4th district; Kelsey explains, in her continuing coverage of local governments adapting to marijuana legalization, why Lompoc may become the Amsterdam of Santa Barbara County; and Jerry offers his view on SB's state senator joining an internecine Democratic revolt against U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

It's up right now, right here:

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