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Gregg Hart Won't Pledge Full Term on Council

Aaron Solis was at Wrigley Field, watching the Dodgers clinch the National League pennant. Jack Ucciferri had a family emergency. And so, when the date and time came for the “Newsmakers TV” interview with the three candidates from District 6, the only one on set was incumbent council member Gregg Hart.

Our one-on-one with Gregg covered not only key issues in the downtown district, but also citywide and regional matters, as well as some purely political discussion - most pointedly whether he’s preparing to run for the Board of Supervisors next year with the expectation that incumbent Janet Wolf will pack it in.

For us, the highlight is Hart’s stunning display of top-rank terpsichorean talent, as he leaps, bounds, elevates and tap dances in a sprightly and spirited exhibition to avoid answering a very simple question: will he promise the voters of District 6 he’ll serve a full four-year term on council? Spoiler alert: he won’t.

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