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This Just In: Newsmakers TV is Back!

Now playing: The All-Star Lineup is back with a new episode of Newsmakers TV as Kelsey Brugger, Laura Capps, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join Jerry for a post-Thanksgiving parley of politics, policy, pot and more politics (any additional awful alliteration available? -ed.)

Josh and Jerry get into it over the question of how the council should fill the coming vacancy of mayor-elect Cathy Murillo’s 3rd District seat (Appointment! Special Election! Imbecile! Blockhead!), Nick breaks down the just-released recommendations of the apartment rentals task force (Landlords 1, Tenants 0); Kelsey reports on big unanswered questions the city and county must answer before pot becomes legal on Jan. 1 (Will they tax the industry to death before it breathes its first?) and Laura highlights educators' concerns about legalization, and later dishes about an exclusive national political confab she just attended.

It’s all there, playing now on TVSB and our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

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