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TV: Melinda, Tyler, Nick & Dale on the News

In the latest installment of Newsmakers TV, Nick Welsh details City Attorney Ariel Callone’s righteous legal crusade against Dario Pini and, with a verdict looming, predicts that the notorious landlord to the dispossessed soon may find many of his squalid properties in legal receivership and himself on the hook for fixing them up and relocating tenants. Also: Melinda Burns chronicles her latest, deep-in-the-mud reporting from the Montecito disaster zone, Tyler Hayden talks about the wall of secrecy he encountered in trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding management of the Bellosguardo estate, and Dale Francisco offers some insider perspective on our epic drought, which grinds on, despite all the rain dumped in the winter’s deadly storms.

It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

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