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TV: Latest on Council Follies & SBUSD Race

The Newsmakers TV panel is back with behind-the-scenes stuff about the latest dust-up at the SB City Council, as Josh Molina explains what’s up with Cathy vs. Jason, Chapter 358, which unfolded this week (spoiler alert: it might involve the next mayor’s race).

Laura Capps offers her take (with disclosure of her own endorsements) in the wide-open campaign for school board, and breaks down the latest in the conservative effort to torpedo a board contract with Just Communities to provide student and teacher anti-bias training (or is it a secret Democratic plot to skew the board contest?).

And after Nick Welsh delivers a heartfelt tribute to the late community hero Bud Bottoms, the gang takes on the big sexual harassment scandal at SBCC and dissects the latest evidence of the shortcomings of the city’s affordable housing strategy.

It’s all right here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

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