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TV: Politics, Pot, Schools and Scandal!

The panel chews over, hashes out and kicks around Santa Barbara’s most timely political and policy issues in a pugnacious, rambunctious and hyper-caffeinated new edition of "Newsmakers TV."

There were no injuries.

In front of a vast, first-ever live audience, Josh leads off with a rundown of the city council’s open audition for an appointed member to replace the departed (if only to the Board of Supes) Gregg Hart, and Jerry pins everyone down on a prediction of who will win out in the end.

Nick weighs in on the combative protests of residents throughout the county over the new cannabis ordinance – and its accompanying atmospheric waves of stinky pot – and what it means for the political fortunes of Das Williams and allied legal weed warriors.

Then Dale takes a whack at the city’s new Project Labor Agreement, aka sweetheart union deal, a departing gift from the aforementioned Hart, and breaks down the ways this one got jammed through in contrast to the normal processes and protocols of City Hall legislation .

Laura finally restores some semblance of order, if not decorum, with an explanation of the school board’s new dual language immersion program and a quick update on the critical search for a new principal at embattled San Marcos High.

It's all here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

Images: The Panel: (l-r_ Nick Welsh; Laura Capps; Mr. Cranky Pants; Dale Francisco; Josh Molina; Live Audience: (l-r) Valerie Watson; Oscar; Delaney Smith, SBCC Channels Editor-in-Chief (Hap Freund photos).

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