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Andy Caldwell is Running as the Anti-Salud

For more than a quarter-century, Andy Caldwell has represented North County political, business and cultural interests and values as a pull-no-punches advocate for the Coalition of Agriculture, Labor and Business before the Board of Supervisors.

Now he’s taking his in-your-face political style and skills to the campaign trail.

In a half-hour, one-on-one interview on Newsmakers TV, Caldwell cast his conservative Republican candidacy in the Central Coast's 24th Congressional District as a direct challenge to what he characterizes as the nascent socialist priorities and views of Democratic incumbent Rep. Salud Carbajal.

In assailing Carbajal and Nancy Pelosi-led congressional Dems in the interview on everything from impeachment and immigration to abortion and offshore oil, Caldwell offered a glimpse of the scathing and quick-witted rhetoric and right-of-center perspective he plans to employ against a politician with whom he clashed for years when Salud was a supervisor.

As the House campaign gets underway, Caldwell's appearance presages a significant and intriguing contest that not only may serve as a barometer of the political mood on the Central Coast, but also hold up a mirror to partisan divisions across the nation.

It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV - just click on the show above.

And if you’d prefer to hear our interview as a podcast, you can find it right here.

P.S. Salud has an open invitation to return to Newsmakers whenever he's home from Washington, and we hope to have him back on the show soon.

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