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TV: What's Behind Jason's Stunning Loss?

Jason Dominguez’s excruciating 8-vote loss to Alejandra Gutierrez in the Eastside city council race is this week’s lead story as Newsmakers TV returns with analysis of the biggest stories in local news.

Shortly before we went into the studio, the ousted incumbent confirmed his concession to Josh Molina, who dissects the stunning upset, while Nick Welsh attributes it directly to the Democratic Party’s targeting of Jason and Delaney Smith talks about Alejandra’s strengths as a candidate and her indefatigable door-to-door hunt for votes -- before the panel discusses how the surprise winner and Mike Jordan, who won an unexpectedly easy victory on the Mesa, are likely to change things around City Hall when they take office in January.

Then Delaney recaps a whirlwind week at the SB school district, as outgoing Superintendent Cary Matusoka labored to put the best face on his abrupt retirement even as the school board began preparations to replace him, and Nick has the latest on Mayor Cathy Murillo and council member Kristen Sneddon tapping the brakes on efforts to crack down on the homeless.

Finally, the political remix segment focuses on the effort by Laura Capps to use Das Williams’ big campaign contributions from pot growers as a case study of why the county needs ethics reforms in her bid to oust him in the race for First District supervisor.

It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

And for the podcast version of the show, just click here.

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