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DP Bans Ye, SBUSD Welcomes Narcon, Test Scores Plunge, Ariel Still MIA, New State Housing Shocker

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Mentally unstable superstar Kanye West's recent spate of anti-Semitic slurs have cost him lucrative business arrangements with Adidas, Creative Artists Agency and luxury fashion Balenciaga - while getting him restricted on Instagram and Twitter.

Now he's been cancelled by Dos Pueblos High School.

Student journalist Jacob Molina, co-editor in chief of DP's Charger Account news platform, made a special guest appearance on this week's edition of Newsmakers TV to break down his story of school administrators and student leaders uniting to axe "Touch the Sky" as the official senior class song; the West track was chosen by a popular vote at an assembly this month.

Framing a national story with a local perspective, he reported how student body president Edo Barel and several others brought concerns about the Class of 2023 being associated with hate speech spewed by the artist, who now goes by "Ye," to the attention of administrators, leading swiftly to an announcement scheduling that there a new online election for senior song.

Go Chargers.

As the story by Molina fils was re-published on Noozhawk, Molina père reported on a couple of his own scoops on the site, including the quiet sale of the site of Tri-County Produce, a local business legend, perhaps for a major housing project - as well as a new state housing law freeing developers from providing parking in new housing developments near public transit. Also from Josh: City Attorney Ariel Callone, still on the milk carton.

Nick Welsh details the sad tale of pandemic learning loss, measured in just-released, ugly standardized test scores, and how a new SBUSD literacy task force is working to address the crucial challenge of teaching kids to read by third grade by reconsidering long-established pedagogic theory, curricula and instruction methods -- while using his third hand to explain how the chronic problem of sky-high overtime in the Sheriff's department reflects a national struggle to recruit, hire and retain law enforcement officers.

And Ryan P. Cruz reports on the SBUSD board of trustees agreeing to have Narcan, the brand name for the anti-opioid overdose emergency medicine Naloxone, placed in every school amid a local and nationwide fentanyl epidemic, and has the latest on the Sheriff's record of cooperating - but mostly not -- with federal immigration authorities by alerting the feds about the impending release of certain repeat offender prisoners who are in the country illegally - while also weighing in on the removal of those awful green bike lanes on State Street.

Plus: This week's political wrap-up features the Roger Aceves-Luz Reyes-Martin race for Goleta city council, Sunday night's televised smackdown between Salud Carbajal and challenger Brad Allen and Goleta council incumbent James Kyriaco whinging about last week's roundtable rants about him raising too much money for his re-elect (turns out it's all the fault of rival Sam Ramirez).

All this and more, right here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

Watch the new show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here,


Image: Kanye West (BBC).


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