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Drag Queen Triggers GOP; DLG Redo May Finish by Next Century; Housing Follies; Grace Joins the Gang

The nation's ludicrous Culture Wars descended upon Santa Barbara last weekend, as the evangelical wing of the local Republican Party staged a protest against the mortal threat to the Republic of a "Drag Queen Story Hour."

On this week's edition of Newsmakers TV, the Indy's Callie Fausey reprised her reporting on the story, as members of one faction of SB's splintered GOP declaimed against the family-friendly event, attended by other people's children inside a private business, viciously casting it as "sexually deviant behavior" that was "abusing children" (we're old enough to remember when Republicans were pro-business and believed in the authority of parents to make decisions for their family. But we digress),

Juxtaposing an issue of the moment with one that's seemingly been with us forever, Noozhawk's Grace Kitiyama has the latest on City Hall's interminable effort to balance competing community interests passably and long enough to agree on a design plan to revamp De La Guerra Plaza.

(A native of the Bay Area who joined SB's small but stouthearted press corps last summer, after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in journalism, Grace swiftly flashed the spirit and sensibility of a veteran Newsmaker: after the senescent, septuagenarian host groaned that the Plaza debate would be ongoing long after he'd croaked, the 20-something correspondent mused aloud whether the process would be completed "in my lifetime." One City Council meeting and she tumbled to how the town works! But we digress).

Speaking of ceaseless issues, Josh Molina checks in with the latest on the slow and stumbling exertions by County Planning to produce a state-required Housing Element in a timely fashion (perhaps too engrossed in performing concierge service for the cannabis industry to get much else accomplished? We digress), and provides a glimpse at the kind of community opposition that may be in store over squeezing high-density housing into ag sites in Goleta and elsewhere.

Plus: Hilda Maldonado's alliance with labor, Randy Rowse's new favorite word and Das tries to clear the field.

All this and more, right here, right now on Newsmakers TV. You can watch the show via YouTube below, or by clicking through this link. We're having some technical issues with the podcast, so suggest you listen to the YouTube version with your eyes closed until we get things resolved.


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