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"Newsmakers: Journal of the Plague Year" - The Final Episode

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Reflecting on the extraordinary events of 2020 brings to mind that old Zen joke:

The pessimist says: "It can't get worse."

The optimist replies: "Sure it can."

As an astonishing year draws to a close, the final episode of our online video series, "Newsmakers: Journal of the Plague Year," brings together Santa Barbara journalists whose ongoing local news coverage will shape the history of how the pandemic impacted and changed the community.

Nick Welsh, Delaney Smith and Josh Molina join the host for a year-end review, a free-flowing conversation about how intersecting Covid crises converged and emerged in public health, the local economy and the struggle against racism in 2020 – and what it means for 2021 and beyond.

From the closing of school classrooms and the opening of State Street, to the protests ignited by the killing of George Floyd and a reexamination of local racial history, the panel combines analysis of events in the public square with personal recollections and rumination about their experiences reporting and writing about a year of news events like no other.

It's all here and now on Newsmakers TV: Watch the show via YouTube below or, if you're a subscriber to our free newsletter (if not sign up here) by clicking through this link....And the podcast version is here.

All best for a safe, healthy and happy New Year.



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