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Panel: "Dormzilla" Vets Speak; Pickle Ball Wars Hit Goleta; SBTA Chief Lauds Hilda; Han Trial Wraps

With the city election in the rear view mirror, Newsmakers TV returns this week with a collection of only-in-Santa Barbara stories that -- perish the thought! -- steer clear of politics.

Jade Martinez-Pogue recounts her conversations with University of Michigan alums who formerly lived in a smaller version of the controversial "dormzilla" complex proposed at UCSB by cantankerous billionaire crank Charles Munger -- and the reviews of his who-needs-sunlight architectural vision for sardine packing college students are mixed, at best.

Elsewhere on the education beat, Jun Starkey has details on the county grand jury's report on the learning loss impact of last year's pandemic public school closures on local students, as well as an update on that leaked survey of how some SB Unified School District teachers fiercely dissed Superintendent Hilda Maldonado -- with some surprising comments from the head of the teacher's union.

Ryan Cruz recounts some of his eyewitness impressions of triple murderer Pierre Haabosh in providing a wrap-up on the trial -- including the cowardice of the killer in looking away when photographs showing the horror of the crime scene where he slaughtered Dr. Henry Han, his wife and little girl were exhibited in court.

And Josh Molina frames a micro-local battle in Old Town Goleta between those who want to convert basketball courts at the community center into a playground for pickle ball players as a symbolic showdown in the nation's raging culture wars, a tribal clash involving wealth, white privilege and race.

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV -- all here right now.


Check out the show via YouTube below, or by clicking through this link. The audio version is here.

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