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Panel: New Details Emerge about Impact Ed -- Plus: Housing, Back to School, Covid, More...

Nick Welsh returns to Newsmakers TV, still a bit bedraggled from the big celebration of being crowned -- first time ever!! -- Santa Barbara's top columnist in the Independent's annual "Best Of" contest.

With Delaney Smith, Josh Molina and Mr. Cranky Pants, the Angry Poodle His Own Self checks in for a round-the-horn conversation about the week's top local news stories - leading off with new details about the people and money behind the no-longer-mysterious campaign committee that's underwriting conservative candidates for SBUSD, Community College, Goleta Union and Santa Barbara County boards of education.

Plus a look at what the latest Covid data means; the SB school board's back-to-school decision; City Hall's latest effort to build affordable housing that people actually can afford --and a reminder of tomorrow night's congressional debate between Rep. Salud Carbajal and Republican challenger Andy Caldwell.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV: Watch below via YouTube, or click on this link...and the podcast version is here.


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