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Panel: Pandemic, Public Schools, Police Chief and Politics -- All the SB Local News that Fits...

Santa Barbara school district officials reported the first, distressing data about the impact of pandemic-induced distance learning this week, as Covid cases soared and the first supply of vaccine arrived in town.

Go behind all the local news, as Delaney Smith, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join the host on Newsmakers TV for analysis and conversation about these and other top local stories, including a look at what's next as SB Police Chief Lori Luhnow announces her retirement.

The gang also breaks down the big City Hall fight over the bid by new owners to change the rules for senior residents at Flamingo Mobile Home Park and offers their political hot takes on the SB mayor's race, as Planning Commissioner Deborah Schwartz enters the contest to challenge incumbent Cathy Murillo.

Plus: new developments in the investigation of the mysterious death of Geoff Jewell at Campus Point.

All here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

If you're on the blog, you can watch the show via YouTube below, or if you're a subscriber to our newsletter (thanks - please spread the word!), click through on this link. And the podcast version is here.


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