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Panel: Supes Say No to Exxon; Racism Charges Again Roil SBUSD -- Plus, Rite Aid, Politics, Reform

Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join the genial host to break down Santa Barbara’s biggest local news stories, in a special week-in-review Mansplaining Edition of Newsmakers TV and podcast.

Nick explains that the big SB Board of Supervisors 3-to-2 vote, blocking Exxon’s plan to truck to Kern County massive amounts oil previously transported via the shut-down Plains All-American pipeline, was not unexpected -- but the company’s half-hearted effort to push the proposal through came as a major surprise.

Then Josh reprises this week’s stormy SB school board meeting, with administrators and trustees alike in a defensive posture amid the latest allegations of racism, following two recent troubling incidents involving Black students - and what some activists complain was an inadequate report on anti-Black bias in the system.

Also driving this week’s discussion: how the murder of a homeless woman, allegedly by a serial felon on the streets while awaiting sentencing, impact the county’s ongoing efforts at criminal justice reform; an assessment of how the sudden and unexpected closure of the State Street Rite-Aid will add to the city’s woes over downtown; and what the close of filing for the June primary portends for the level of local electoral excitement (spoiler alert: barely zero).

And don’t miss the Only-the-Angry Poodle’s rant comparing a certain local Republican candidate to an East Coast insect that only has sex every 13 years.

All here, right now on Newsmakers TV. Check out the show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.


Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon credit: The New Yorker.

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