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Panel: What's Behind Blowup Over SBPD Civilian Review Plan; Housing vs Hotels; Election Takeaways

After a year of work by the Community Formation Commission, tasked with recommending a plan for civilian review of the SB Police Department, the project slid into turmoil this week, amid allegations of bad faith and "white supremacy" aimed at city officials.

Josh Molina, Nick Welsh and Ryan P. Cruz all reported on the political ferment surrounding the framework of the new review system, and the trio joins the genial host on a new episode of Newsmakers TV to offer their singular perspectives on the story and some key questions: What happened when Commission Chair Gabe Escobedo and Police Chief Barney Melekian got together to forge a compromise? Who knew about it and when? Why did some committee members and activists feel blindsided, and even betrayed, by what emerged at Monday's City Council meeting? And what's next in the saga over police-community relations that began amid protests that followed the George Floyd murder?

The gang also offers their biggest takeaways from Tuesday's dozy primary election, break down the SB council's latest move towards slapping a moratorium on approval and construction of new hotels, and analyze the chances of a new tax being imposed on vacant commercial properties on State Street and elsewhere,

Plus: the latest in Nick's saga about concealed carry permits, incredulity over Ryan's new virtual background, and an update on Josh's podcast spin-off, along with a big plug for this weekend's music festival fundraiser on behalf of Sarah House Santa Barbara. If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV.

Check out the new show via YouTube or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.

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