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Panel: Why SB School Board Torpedoed New Charter School - Return to Class, State Street, DLG Plaza

In the Before Times, no education issue generated more controversy and conflict in California than the big-bucks effort by reformers to expand the number and influence of charter schools -- against the resistance of lefty Democrats and their teachers union patrons.

The Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education took a brief break this week from all the high-profile excitement, fuss and whirl of getting elementary kids back in classrooms, after nearly a year of harmful distance learning, to consider and deadlock over -- thus thwarting -- an innovative and promising new proposed charter, called Thoreau Community School.

Amid their up-top-the-minute updates, insights and analysis of ongoing local endeavors to restore classroom learning, Josh Molina and Delaney Smith join the host for a candid conversation about the political and policy reasons behind the demise -- at least for now -- of the charter, whose sponsors plan to appeal the decision.

Along with all the school news, the gang also looks at why the Historic Landmarks Commission turned thumbs down on the latest proposal to revamp De La Guerra Plaza (spoiler alert: they were afraid that someone, somewhere might be having fun), discusses the City Council's one-year extension for the State Street Promenade (great news, unless you get mowed down by an electric bike) and listens raptly to Jerry's review of Cottage Hospital's vaccine clinic in Goleta (mega-kudos for an impressive logistical effort).

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV -- all here right now.

Watch the show via YouTube below or click through on this link The podcast version is here.


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