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Politico Star Reporter Talks Obama & Kamala's Big Speeches, Plus What Joe Biden Must Do

Politico senior writer Carla Marinucci, who has covered and known Kamala Harris since her long-ago first campaign for San Francisco District Attorney, checked in with Newsmakers TV on Thursday to break down the historic address and appearance of the vice-presidential nominee at the Democratic National Convention.

And as presidential nominee Joe Biden prepares to give the most important speech of his 40-year political career, Carla offers her analysis of what message he needs to send and what he needs to accomplish when he addresses the nation tonight.

As the world's first all-virtual political convention wraps up, the veteran California reporter also talks about what she's hearing about the race from strategists in both parties; how Harris' national break-out impacts Governor and erstwhile ally Gavin Newsom and lots more gossip, laughs and behind-the-scenes stuff.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV and...the podcast version is here.


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