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Reporter Panel: As City Hall Celebrates an Open State Street, Health Officials Mull 2nd Covid Wave

Delaney Smith, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join Jerry for Friday's that-was-the-week-that-was Newsmakers TV conversation, featuring the pros and cons feedback about the new look State Street pedestrian mall -- and concerns locally and around the state that things are re-opening faster than crucial data about the status of the pandemic becomes available.

If there's a big second wave of coronavirus, "how do you put the genie back in the bottle," wondered one of our guest pundits.

The gang also talks about Hilda Maldonado, the new superintendent for the Santa Barbara Unified School District; hands out grades on Mayor Cathy's latest video; discusses what's being done to address teen suicide, plus -- a big North County oil project calls it quits, masks become the latest throwdown in the culture wars and high-profile developer Ed. St. George gets an earful about a big new project in Solvang.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV. The podcast version is here.

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