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The Primary Election Pool: Win Big Prizes - No Entry Fee!

Newsmakers’ Global Office of The Sporting Life and Cheesy Marketing Gimmicks is pleased to announce our 2020 California Primary Election Pool - an entry free contest offering fabulous prizes in a test of prognostication skill, political savvy and dumb luck.

All you need do is a) sign up for a free Newsmakers subscription, if you haven’t already, and b) send us your fearless forecast/best guess answers to these seven questions, plus the tie breaker, about Tuesday’s primary:

1-Who will win the First District supervisor’s race? (Hint: Das or Laura?).

2-What will be the winning percentage in that race (X% to Y%)?

3-Who will be the Top Two finishers in the 37th Assembly District race? (Tough one).

4-Will Joan Hartmann avoid a run-off in the 3rd District supervisor’s race (Y/N)?

5-Who will finish second in the Republican presidential primary? (Hint: Trump to win).

6-Who will finish second in the Democratic presidential primary? (Hint: Statewide popular vote, not delegate count).

7- In the Dem presidential primary, who gets more votes: Tulsi Gabbard or Marianne Williamson? (You're on your own).

Tie breaker: In the 24th Congressional District race, what percentage of the vote will No Party Preference candidate Kenneth Young receive? (Hint: other candidates include Salud and Andy Caldwell).

Win fabulous prizes. The top three highest scoring entries will be eligible for one of these great prizes, with first place winner getting first pick, second place second dibs and third place whatever’s left:

A $50 Gift Certificate at Chaucer’s Bookstore.

Enjoy a shopping spree at Santa Barbara’s favorite independent bookstore! Take your pick among 800 new books with some variation of the title, "We’re All Doomed if Trump Gets Re-elected" (or, actually, anything else you’d prefer).

A Guest Appearance panel slot on an upcoming episode of “Newsmakers TV.”

Join the panel, with Nick, Josh, Delaney and Mr. Cranky Pants for a half-hour of deep thoughts, cheap shots and bon mots as we go around the horn on SB's biggest news stories at TVSB’s magnificent World Headquarters Studios! Plus: free pizza and beer.

Lunch with Our Founders.

Join Hap and Jerry for a leisurely lunch, at whatever restaurant we get the best deal with via our Axxess card, plus stimulating conversation about Santa Barbara’s media landscape, political terrain and best senior discounts, along with, um...WTF, now where’d I leave my phone...?

You must be a member to win. Pool entry is open to all Newsmakers readers with a free email subscription that alerts you whenever we put up a new post on the blog. It’s easy to subscribe – that's why we put a line for your name and email address in Big Red Letters at the Top of the Page.

To enter, just email your answers to the questions above to

Deadline is 8 p.m. Election Day, Tuesday March 3.

(Small print: Newsmakers' family members, friends, employees, contractors, panelists and gig workers are absolutely eligible to win).


Images: OMG ( Prizes (; Chaucer's logo; TV Santa Barbara logo; Hap and Jerry (Paul Wellman).

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