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12 Tuesdays Before Election: Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

To the surprise of no one, Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday selected California Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate.

Twelve Tuesdays before the Nov. 3 election -- that's eighty-four days for those keeping score at home -- the former Vice President selected the 55-year old ex-state Attorney General, who previously served as District Attorney of San Francisco, capping a lengthy process in which she always was considered the front-runner, although other contenders had moments in the spotlight.

In our analysis last week, Newsmakers judged Harris to be the most beneficial pick for Biden, despite criticisms from Democratic leftists that she was too much of a cop and complaints on the political right that she was soft on crime.

Our take is here.

The NYT weighs in.

*** Politico broke today's story. ***Oops, actually Biden announced it on Twitter.

The By God L.A. Times likes it.

The market yawns.

The New Republic thinks Harris's long-ago relationship with Willie Brown will be a strong attack line for Trump. We don't see it.

Here's the Washpost.

The Fox News take.

What Trump has said about Kamala.

Michael Tomasky is a smart mainstream Democratic voice.

Nice take just posted by The Atlantic.

The democratic socialist analysis.

The conservative, never-never Trumper right...

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