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2 Tuesdays to Go: Last Trump-Joe Cage Match, Poll Update -- Plus: Hunter's Laptop & DiFi's Blunder

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Two weeks before Election Day, the polls could hardly look better for Joe Biden: With a nine-point national lead, the Democrat not only leads the crucial Midwest battlegrounds of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he also is ahead in routinely red states Donald Trump must win – Arizona, Georgia and Florida.

Why then is every person in America who’s not a Trump fan boy a nervous wreck?

Political analyst Phil Trounstine returns to Newsmakers for a conversation that not only touches on the 2016 PTSD afflicting more than half the nation, but also examines the tools and methods Trump has to hang on to power - no matter what the election numbers show - and some scenarios for how things might play out.

The Calbuzz partners also preview Thursday night's last presidential debate and discuss the MSM's performance in the strange case of Hunter Biden's laptop, then revisit Senator Dianne Feinstein's jaw-dropping performance at the Judiciary Committee's Supreme Court hearings and wildly speculate on whom Gov. Gavin Newsom might appoint to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat -- or two -- and come up with some surprising possibilities. Plus: the abiding mystery of what Jeffrey Toobin was thinking.

Bottom line on the presidential race: The widely-respected data website 538 today gives Trump a 12 percent chance of being re-elected:

For comparison's sake, that's close to the chances of an NFL kicker missing a field goal. You could look it up.

Watch our conversation with Phil Trounstine via YouTube below or click through here....and the podcast version is here.


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