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Most Viewed: Angel, Bendy, Cathy Rank 1,2,3

Less than a month before the Nov, 7 election, Angel Martinez draws the most interest among mayoral contenders from the “Newsmakers” online community, with Bendy White and Cathy Murillo close behind.

Since the Labor Day launch of our website, nearly 6,000 sets of eyeballs have cast upon our video and written content, with our one-on-one, half-hour interviews with each of the five candidates the most popular feature.

An arithmetically correct (if thoroughly unscientific, right-brained and just-for-fun -- emphasis ours) review of the data shows the Martinez interview has been viewed most often on our YouTube channel.

This awards him the imaginary, de minimus honor of first place in today’s:

Newsmakers Q-Score standings.

Candidate YouTube views

Angel Martinez 379

Bendy White 313

Cathy Murillo 302

Frank Hotchkiss 245

Hal Conklin 221

In real life, according to the Wikipedia Machine, a Q-Score measures the “familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company or entertainment product…The higher the Q Score, the more highly regarded the item or person is among the group familiar with them."

For our purposes, the Newsmakers Q-Score is simply a diverting (if sneaky) way to mark our first month of publication and, more importantly, to thank everyone who’s checked out our shows or website online (we have no data about those who reject the Cut The Cord movement, but mega-thanks and plaudits also to loyal viewers of TV Santa Barbara’s Channel 17 on Cox Cable).

Future forecast: Perhaps there will be a more scientific measure soon.

Fun with numbers. The magnitude of local audiences attracted by our colleagues at the Independent, Noozhawk and EdHat, of course, dwarf our numbers. That is why we believe that identifying, curating and linking to the best of their stuff about the election is a key part of our mission.

Based on feedback from the Newsmakers community, however, we also know that our viewers and readers are among the best-informed and most politically engaged folks in and around Santa Barbara (for the record, our since launch numbers: 3,325 page views and 1,860 YouTube views, including 5 blog readers in India, 4 in France, 4 in Ireland and 3 in Greece: Yo! Athens in the House!) and so value unique content.

Here are the Top 10 best-read posts on our site, each one a piece of exclusive news, analysis, commentary or snark you won’t find anywhere else, or else was reported here first:

  1. City Attorney Fumes at Angel Sign on Balcony

  2. Round 1: Campaign Winners and Losers

  3. Excloo: SB Wannabe Mayors Talk in Depth

  4. Round 2: Campaign Winners and Losers

  5. Martinez Steps Down as Deckers Corp. Chair

  6. Angel: Key Bendy Backer Told Me to Stay Out

  7. Snarky Monday: In the 4th, It’s All About Das

  8. Can a Republican Be Elected SB’s Next Mayor?

  9. Why It Matters Who’s Elected SB’s Next Mayor

  10. TV Excloo: On Air, District 4 Rivals Sound Off

So thanks to all for watching and viewing. Please send news tips, questions for the candidates and comments to us at

We’ll see you on the campaign trail.

Warning: Self-serving plug ahead.

Newsmakers is produced by a couple of retired, old coots with a jones for local politics and news.

Our local, local, local media platform is a niche product for those who feel the same way, or want to hear more about the subject.

Jerry, who writes our campaign coverage and hosts the show, has been covering politics in California and beyond for more than 40 years as a reporter, editor, blogger, radio yakker and TV talking head.

Hap Freund, who produces the show and podcast and tries to understand the various young people who help us figure out this whole Internets thing, is former executive director of TVSB who previously ran Seattle’s government TV station.

The easiest way to see our content is to subscribe by typing your name and email in the little box on the right at the top of our home page; or just send us an email at and we'll do it for you. You’ll get an email link in your inbox whenever we post.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here and get an emailed link every time we have a new show, featuring plugged in journos and pols like Nick Welsh, Josh Molina, Kelsey Brugger, Laura Capps, Dale Francisco, Brooke Holland, and others.

This just in: Newsmakers is now also a podcast- perfect for walks, runs, your car, or a non-prescription cure for insomnia. Our mayoral candidate interviews are available, as well as our October 5th panel discussion with Nick, Josh, Kelsey and Laura.

Hosted on Soundcloud, here’s the link to six half hour Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts programs. Check back and we promise to keep it updated with interesting content.

Don’t forget to vote.


Images: Q-Score logo; Greece tourism logo; Hap Freund and Jerry Roberts, Paul Wellman photo.

Email us at or comment on our stories on our Facebook page - SB City Desk. Thanks for reading.

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