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Live Tweeting the Indy/KCRW Mayoral Debate

Update 10:15 p.m. Full Winners and Losers report card piece will post on Wednesday. Meanwhile a couple of quick takeaways from the debate:

1-A terrific event. Mega-kudos to SBCC Foundation, the Independent and KCRW for first-rate execution of organization and logistics that smoothly accommodated a packed house. Everything from the pre-game sliders and Arnold Palmer fixings to timing of the show was on the money.

2-There are always two audiences for a broadcast debate - the crowd inside the hall and the much larger audience watching or listening in. Cathy Murillo and Hal Conklin seemed the favorites of those inside the Garvin Theatre, but Frank Hotchkiss and Bendy White seemed to have the best plans about exactly who they wanted to talk to outside the hall and aimed their comments accordingly.

3-One word to describe each of the candidates tonight:

-- Angel Martinez: Subdued.

-- Bendy White: Wonky.

-- Cathy Murillo: Rehearsed.

-- Frank Hotchkiss: Feisty.

-- Hal Conklin: Coherent.

More anon.

Jerry will be live Tweeting the big mayoral debate on Tuesday night, commenting on the play-by-play as it goes. Assuming our vast Department of IT Services and Luddite Co-Founders figures it out, tweets will be posted here, and also on Twitter at @newsmakersjr, starting around 7 p.m. On Wednesday, we'll post our regular Winners and Losers analysis of the event. Stay tuned - meanwhile here's some key pieces on the race we posted previously..

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