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TV Panel: Mayor Cathy's Reign of Error?

"Unlike any meeting I've seen in 15 years of covering the council," is how Josh Molina characterizes the latest spectacle at City Hall, where new Mayor Cathy Murillo led a counter-coup that succeeded in getting arch-foe Jason Dominguez kicked off SBCAG, the powerful regional transportation agency, to be replaced by...herself. In a new episode of "Newsmakers TV,," Josh leads off the panel, breaking down Mayor Cathy's first rocky weeks in office, while Nick Welsh takes on the drought and the threat of future rains, Kelsey Brugger looks at the county's just-out proposed pot ordinance and Tyler Hayden examines the circumstances in the controversial killing of a suspect by five sheriff's deputies. Jerry futilely tries to keep order on the set. All here, right now, on "Newsmakers TV."

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