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New TV: Panel Talks Disaster, Recall, Politics

Longtime Montecito resident Bill Macfadyen, publisher and founder of Noozhawk, joins the panel this week for some first-hand perspective and observations about the winter emergencies and catastrophe, and offers up a modest, but excellent proposal: establishment of a high-profile, blue ribbon commission to investigate all the facts behind what happened in the fire, debris flow and multiple attendant evacuations, including an independent assessment of how local government performed, and what lessons can be learned for future natural disasters.

Laura Capps provides her own first-hand reflections, discussing the political fallout from the school board’s decision in the Ed Behrens case, while Kelsey Brugger handicaps the sheriff’s and other county races, and Josh Molina breaks down the lineup in the special election campaign for the 3rd district city council seat. It’s all here, right now.

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