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New TV: Janet Urges Gregg "Listening Tour"

In the first stop of her Farewell Road Trip, 2nd District Supervisor Janet Wolf sat down for a half-hour, one-on-one conversation on Newsmakers TV, to offer some personal, political and policy reflections on her 12 year stint.

In an in-depth interview, she discussed both her record and current issues currently before the board -- from emergency services , new state housing mandates and the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan, to recreational marijuana, the county’s pension liability and her sometimes stormy relationship with Sheriff Bill Brown.

Wolf had provided a high-profile endorsement of Susan Epstein weeks before the Goleta school board member shocked her, other supporters and the local political community by suddenly quitting the race. Janet revealed that she recently met with city council member Gregg Hart, the only other candidate for the job and her future replacement, whom she’d previously passed over as the choice to succeed her.

She said she’s concerned and disappointed that her constituents now will miss out on the opportunity for any debate on key issues, and so recommended to Hart that he launch a full-scale “listening tour” to familiarize himself with the people and problems in her district. It’s all here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

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