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New TV: Animal House Meets the Front Page

Channeling “The Front Page," the Newsmakers TV gang produces some heavy-duty punditry this week, with all the gentility and politesse of the food fight scene from “Animal House.”

Amid a flurry of deep thoughts, cheap shots and bon mots, Josh leads off with a look at the allegations of corruption flying in the Auditor-Controller’s race, followed by Nick’s counter-conventional wisdom take on the appointment of Mike Stoker, Santa Barbara’s favorite greenhouse gas Republican, to a powerful EPA post.

Laura bats clean-up, updating the school board’s efforts, amid a national epidemic of school shootings, to craft best practices school safety policies, and also provides some perspective on SBUSD’s anti-childhood hunger food programs, featured on the cover of this week’s Indy.

Then the host demands fearless forecasts about the key city and county races in the June 5 primary – our not-so-secret ballot in the campaign for council District 3 (where none of the panelists is eligible to vote) shows Oscar 2, Michael 1, Elizabeth 1.

There were no injuries.

It’s all here, right now, on an all-new edition of Newsmakers TV.

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