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TV: Gregg Fluffs Unions on Way Out the Door

Indy staff reporter Blanca Garcia breaches the panel patriarchy on a new edition of Newsmakers TV, joining Josh Molina, Nick Welsh, Dale Francisco and Jerry to kick around the latest local stories on fracking, pot, mental health and machinations at City Hall.

The show’s most spirited discussion comes in response to a hurry-up, low-ball effort by council member Gregg Hart to impose union-only hiring rules for future city construction projects as he exits City Hall to take up new digs at the Board of Supervisors. “The (local) Democratic Party is a pass-through” for unions, cracks Dale, a conservative former council member, outlining a number of concerns about the change.

Until now, the only notice the consequential plan being pushed by Hart, with a major assist from Mayor and fellow party apparatchik Cathy Murillo, has been a one-off report from Josh, which you can find here. Hopefully there'll be a bit more debate on this one, before the deal goes down, we expect there may be a bit more heard on the subject.

It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

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