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TV: Panel Bids Farewell to Big Stories of 2018

Kathryn Barnes, Laura Capps and Josh Molina join the panel for 2018’s final episode of Newsmakers TV, confabulating on the big stories of today, and of the past year.

The Thomas Fire and the terrifying tragedy of January 9, when a deadly debris flow killed 23 people and wreaked havoc on Montecito neighborhoods, of course dominated the news landscape of 2018:

Kathryn reports on KCRW’s new series of interviews, checking back with victims and survivors of the disaster to learn about their efforts to put their lives together, while Laura unpacks her recent, much-discussed piece on how such climate-change calamities have become “the new normal,” not only in California but around the globe.

Josh, the hardest working man in local news, changes things up with a check-in on Goleta’s ban of motorized scooters after hundreds were dumped in neighborhoods, and how it connects to similar episodes in cities across the nation.

Then the gang recaps the other stories that made news in 2018, from State Street revitalization efforts, SB’s school board race and the suits filed against Plains Oil for the Refugio spill, to the local Resistance against Trump, the Democrats’ sweep of key House races in the mid-terms and opposition to the Administration’s effort to roll back environmental protections.

All this before Jerry dons his “Bah Humbug” Santa hat to thank the cast and crew for their indefatigable and loyal efforts on behalf of Newsmakers with some very special gifts.

On behalf of the entire team at Newsmakers and TVSB, please accept our best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season. Be careful out there and we'll see you in 2019.

It's all here right now.

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