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TV: New Doc Remembers Montecito Disaster

Melinda Burns, whose exceptional journalism has set the bar for enterprise reporting about the Montecito debris flow, now has compiled a moving documentary to mark the one-year anniversary of the disaster.

Co-produced and co-directed with our own Hap Freund, the 22-minute video features four eyewitness survivors of the tragedy, along with documentary and archival material about the human dimension of the event and its scientific causes.

Produced with the crucial resources and talented editorial staff of TVSB, which will broadcast the documentary on the “Newsmakers” program, it also traces the history of such weather and wildfire related catastrophes in Montecito.

“We thought it was important to expand the historical record of this tragedy through video, drawing on the vivid accounts of survivors,” Burns said. “Their stories take on special urgency as the community girds for the extreme weather events that are sure to come again.”

The video is available on TVSB’s regular programming schedule, and through our YouTube channel right here

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