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The 1.5 Sec Gap: New Link for Disaster Doc

The Perils of Online Publishing, Chapter 532: The good news is that the Melinda Burns-Hap Freund documentary marking the one-year anniversary of the Montecito disaster - which to date has been viewed nearly 4,000 times - is now available on the Newsmakers YouTube channel through this link:

The bad news: Thanks to the incessant caterwauling of a local photographer, our high-powered Geezer IT Department was forced to stay up past bedtime to re-edit the original video, in order to remove a 1.5 second fragment showing one of the guy’s images, which had been posted on social media but which he nonetheless objected to us using.

We are omitting the goofball’s name in order to spare his family the embarrassment.

Bottom line: It’s a fresh opportunity for us to invite you to view this moving remembrance of the catastrophe that struck last year – and to celebrate the spirit with which our community has rallied together to heal and rebuild.

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