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TV is Back: Oil, Climate, Shutdown, Scandal!

Newsmakers TV returns online and to TVSB’s airwaves this week with an all-star panel and a lineup of local stories with national implications.

Nick Welsh leads off with a look at his big cover story in the new edition of the Indy about the 50th anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil story that triggered the environmental movement – and how enviros once again are being forced to battle a massive petroleum extraction scheme in the county. Tyler Hayden recaps shocking revelations in public records that show the county failed to clear out debris basins in advance of last year’s Montecito disaster – despite their public statements to the contrary.

Kathryn Barnes discusses her reporting on the local impacts of the federal government shutdown, as furloughed workers are being forced to seek help at Santa Barbara food banks. And Laura Capps bats clean up with a run-down on the school board’s adoption of a sweeping climate change policy that will affect everything from curriculum and construction of new facilities to green waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions by the district.

It’s all here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

Image: This week's panel (L-R): Nick Welsh, Kathryn Barnes, Mr. Cranky Pants; Tyler Hayden, Laura Capps; The Real Oscar (Hap Freund).

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