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New TV: WTF is Going On at City College?

Delaney Smith, editor-in-chief of The Channels news site, joins the panel this week to shed light on the maelstrom of controversy over race, gender and culture conflicts at Santa Barbara City College. Amid the ongoing turmoil, President Anthony Beebe abruptly announced his impending resignation for health reasons recently, capping more than a year of unrest on campus.

Delaney and The Channels have pursued the SBCC news aggressively, resourcefully and thoroughly, stomping other local media organizations, and she breaks down for the Newsmakers community the multiple chapters in what has become the biggest story in town.

Josh Molina (whose many journalism hats include that of faculty adviser to The Channels), is on hand to explain the City Council’s surprise (at least to some pundits) selection of Meagan Harmon as the new member, replacing Gregg Hart, and Laura Capps checks in to describe in depth and detail the School Board’s year-long effort to redraft and beef up campus safety plans for every school in the district.

Then Mr. Crankypants offers a few quick thoughts on a trio of other big stories – the battle for public beach access at Hollister Ranch, the upcoming races that will determine a majority of council seats and the state’s new mandates on housing here and throughout the state.

It’s all here, right now, on Newsmakers TV.

Image: (L-R) Delaney Smith, Laura Capps, Jerry Roberts, Josh Molina.

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