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Newsmakers TV: The Mansplaining Edition

From pot to punditry, housing to homelessness and Milpas Street to Farmers’ Market, Nick Welsh, Josh Molina and Mr. Cranky Pants offer a brisk behind the scenes tour of the latest and loudest controversies, conflicts and clashes in the city of Santa Barbara.

Leading off with a discussion of the high-decible dispute over the embattled AUD program, the fellas kick around the short and long-range implications of a 76-rental unit project on the Eastside, before untangling the interrelated disagreements over building a new police station, upgrading De La Guerra Plaza and relocating the popular, open-air Saturday market.

Then they look at the good news and the bad news in the latest homeless numbers and the state of play amid resistance to the cannabisization of Santa Barbara, before offering scenarios and speculation while limbering up for some heavy-duty punditry about this year’s election and next.

It’s all right here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

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