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TV: What's Behind SB School District Shakeup

Topic A on a new edition of Newsmakers TV this week is the abrupt and startling decision by schools chief Cary Matsuoka to end his tenure in Santa Barbara – and the personal, policy and political context in which it was made.

Josh Molina, Delaney Smith and Nick Welsh join the panel to discuss the superintendent’s big surprise, from the district’s unusual logistical arrangements for his speech and the language of his address, to the spate of searing criticisms he once again received from parents and the solidarity his high school principals displayed with him on Tuesday.

Then Delaney updates the search for a new president at City College and the difficult fiscal, cultural and community challenges he will face, Nick breaks down the conflict on the Eastside over the Salvation Army’s new project to house some homeless folks, and the whole crew discusses how these issues and more will affect the down-to-the-wire campaigns for city council in Districts 1 and 2.

It’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

If you prefer listening to the show via podcast, it's on Soundcloud right here.

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