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As Virus Spikes, SB Dithers on Beaches; A 711 Milpas Deal -Plus: The Two Stooges of Pot Law

The Newsmakers TV gang assembled remotely on Friday for a pre-holiday, remote celebration of the First Amendment's sacred Freedom of the Press to criticize, kvetch and lampoon.

Delaney Smith and Josh Molina join Jerry for a richly deserved roast of Mayor Cathy Murillo, several of her city council colleagues and the fitful and erratic decision-making of county public health officials about the status of local beaches - Wide Open! No, Half-Shut! Nah, Close 'em Up! -- in the days before the July 4 weekend.

Then the panel deconstructs the exceptional deal the council abruptly cut with Eastside developers, tossing the city's venerable and prolix planning manual out the window on behalf of the long-controversial 711 N. Milpas Street development.

And in between some harping and carping about absent panel member Nick Welsh, the trio analyze the findings of two new, high-powered reports from the Civil Grand Jury, one on housing and homelessness, and the other a comprehensive study of SB County's contentious cannabis ordinance, the latter recounting in detail how Supervisors Das Williams and Steve Lavagnino served as political errand boys on behalf of donors, pals, influence peddlers and weed moguls in the industry.

It's all right below, right now, on Newsmakers TV. And the podcast version is here.


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