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Bye-Bye 2021: Randy, Barney and Meagan's New Kid Headline Newsmakers' Year-End Show

In a momentous homage to Dick Clark, the Newsmakers TV gang produced their own version of New Year's Rockin' Eve on Friday, as our all-star panel of top local journalists - joined by a surprise guest lineup -- recalled the greatest hits of 2021 and reflected on the year ahead.

In the final episode of what we called the "Journal of the Vaccine Year," mainstay newshounds Nick Welsh, Josh Molina and Jade Martinez-Pogue looked back on the big stories they've covered, as a string of SB celebs checked in to jump-start the New Year's celebration -- including Mayor-Elect Randy Rowse, journalism legend Barney Brantingham, notoriously publicity-shy Newsmakers producer Hap Freund and City Council member, Coastal Commissioner and new mom Meagan Harmon.

Most notably of all, Meagan brought along the newest member of the Newsmakers family -- John "Jack" August Harmon, age 4 days - to make his first major media appearance.

From Covid to the City Hall shakeup, housing density to homelessness, politics to the pickleball wars, our expanded panel touches all the bases in offering perspective and insight to what mattered in Santa Barbara in 2021 - and what to look for in 2022.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.


Watch the show via YouTube below or. by clicking through this link.

The audio version is here.

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