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Convention Update: LAT Ace Talks Joe & Jill, AOC & Bill, Kamala, SB's Ary Barkan -- and more

Mark Z. Barabak, the exuberant, consummate pro political writer for the Los Angeles Times, connected with Newsmakers TV on Wednesday for some crisp analysis, thoughtful insights and lotsa laughs and behind-the-scenes stories, as Joe Biden's unprecedented virtual convention hit the halfway point.

Covering his 11th presidential campaign, Barabak checked in from Milwaukee, the originally planned site of the convention, where he was dispatched despite the fact that the pandemic transformed the four-day nominating event into an all-virtual extravaganza.

In between filing Page One stories off the livestream from his hotel room, Mark also has been out and about -- carefully masked and socially distanced, of course -- reporting and writing an important state-of-play takeout about Wisconsin, seen as the most crucial Electoral College battleground state in the November 3 election.

Former partners on the beat, Mark and Jerry share a fast-moving political conversation, as they break down the high and lows of the Biden campaign's messaging, examine the generational and ideological divides within the Democratic Party, discuss what Kamala Harris needs to do in tonight's big vice-presidential speech, provide some historic context for the bizarre 2020 campaign and forecast how Trump may respond at next week's Republican campaign.

Local angle: Santa Barbara progressive icon Ary Barkan made a powerful cameo appearance via video on Tuesday night, as the deeply moving story of his heroic activism despite the ravages of ALS disease humanized and highlighted the painful personal struggles and high political stakes of the fight for universal health care,

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV and....the podcast version is here.


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