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Facing Down Pandemic, SB Council Decides Crucial Move is... Keeping the Bars Open Later?

In a special Angry Poodle episode of Newsmakers TV, Nick Welsh checks in for an irascible and irreverent romp through the latest evidence of mass psychosis at Santa Barbara City Hall.

Amid the unceasing drone of dire data about the pandemic, council members this week improbably transformed a rubber-stamp agenda item to keep the State Street Promenade open into a sweeping new policy extending hours of operation for the saloon scene -- with nary a nod towards enforcement of public health protocols to combat the virus.

And as thousands of tenants face the looming temination of anti-eviction and protection programs -- while property owners face the cold hard need to pay their mortgages -- council members decided the time was ripe to reignite the local war over rent control. Meanwhile city officials simply looked the other way as the annual Fiesta Cruiser Run, a potential super-spreader event if ever there was one -- blasted from the waterfront to IV.

All the folly and lunacy led Nick to pen a eulogy to Bossie the Cow -- whose tragic end as a pile of demolished plaster remains law enforcement officials adjudged an official mystery -- in which he deduced the famed bovine had taken her own life, despondent over the community's current condition: "T'was despair that killed the cow," he wrote.

"I'm a little grumpy," Santa Barbara's most venerable newshound admits during the show.

If it's (almost) Friday, it's Newsmakers TV -- all here right now and...the podcast version is here. Stay safe out there.


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