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Memo to SB Denizens: Don't Make a Fool of Yourself if You Bump into Harry & Meghan at Gelson's

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, apparently informed that locals are singularly unimpressed by celebrity, have bought a home in Santa Barbara and have been living among us with young Archie for the past six weeks, according to a published report.

(Update: Here's everything you want to know about their humble new abode, courtesy of the Daily Mail -- 16 bathrooms plus a stripper pole!).

A seemingly well-sourced Page Six column by Emily Smith, labeled “Exclusive” in the New York Post, reports that the couple, who fled the royal life in England, have been “quietly living in their own home in Santa Barbara since early July.”

The couple is friends with both Oprah and Ellen, who apparently were influential in convincing them that Santa Barbara was the kind of paparazzi-free place where they could indulge their much-publicized desire for privacy and raise their kid in peace.

"Amid much speculation that the couple would buy a place in Los Angeles, a source told Page Six, 'Harry and Meghan have been quietly living in their own home in Santa Barbara since early July.

'They are not houseguests of Oprah or anyone else, they bought this home themselves. This is where they want to continue their lives after leaving the UK.

'This is the first home either of them has ever owned. It has been a very special time for them as a couple and as a family — to have complete privacy for six weeks since they moved in.

'They intend to put down their roots in this house and the quiet community, which has considerable privacy. This is where they want to bring Archie up, where they hope he can have as normal a life as possible.'”

So welcome to town Harry, Meagan and Archie – don’t forget to sign up for a free subscription to Newsmakers to stay current on local affairs.


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