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New TV: Gang Talks Assembly Race & SB's New Econ Czar -Plus: Cop Video Flap & Trump Dumps Stoker

In a fast-moving new episode of Newsmakers TV, the panel weighs in on the controversy over a video clip of the arrest at the main library of a YouTube troll attempting to set up cops for an excessive force beef, as Fire and Police Commissioner Lizzie Rodriguez breaks down the legal issues arising from the incident.

Delaney Smith provides campaign trail reporting on the race for the 37th Assembly District seat, outlining a scenario for what could be a big Election Night surprise in that wide-open contest.

Josh Molina has the latest from City Hall about the long-overdue hiring of an SB economic development director, laying out the challenges and opportunities the New Guy faces and explaining why some downtown merchants are disappointed in City Administrator Paul Casey’s out-of-town pick.

Then Nick Welsh reports on Donald Trump’s unceremonious sacking of Mike Stoker from a big job at the EPA, pointing to the bipartisan efforts of the prominent SB Republican as a likely cause of why he was purged from the Administration.

And in our political remix segment, the latest on the races for supervisor in the First and Third Districts. With heavy lifting from rookie assistant director Benson Guron, it’s all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

Here's the podcast version. And here's the show.

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